Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My 15 Minute Creativity List

Wow, did I ever have fun today. I actually PLAYED with no pressure, no colors requirements, no sketch to follow, just let the creativity juices flow.

 I follow a blog called Artsyville and there is a post today called List it Tuesday: 15 minute creativity .  The idea is to create a list of creative things  can be done  in 15 minutes or less. So, I viewed a few of the posts that are linked in and came up with a fun page for my mixed media journal.
 This is going to be a good prompt for me for several reasons.
1. I used stamps that I haven't used in ages. Wow, are these still fun stamps!!!
2 Sometimes I get off track of what I need to do.
3 It shows that I can be creative
4. Just the title alone will get me excited to start on or finish a project.

So, here is my fun project for today. Mind you, it is no masterpiece or something so fantastic that will make you ooooh or ahhhh, it's just a fun piece.  Oh and I used more alphabet sticker on just these two pages than I have used in the past 3 years.

Thanks for stopping by today. Thanks to Aimee and  the other ladies who inspired me to create my list.
Have a great day.



  1. Fun list...you inspired me to find my old stamps...I had some fun lettering!

  2. Love your list and the little colorful spaces you created for each item!

  3. I love the visual softness of your list! Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Great list!
    Love the combination of stamping and hand lettering!
    Very inspiring!

  5. Your list feels so clean and wide open, if that makes sense--not cluttered, and thus very welcoming and approachable. I'm really enjoying the layering you've got going on, too.

  6. Hey Joan! Thanks for your sweet comment on the eP blog about my house project. LOVING your list and that you got to play with no pressure. So much fun! :)

  7. I'm a little late to the party, but making the rounds of everyone's list and loving all the creative ideas! Who knew you could accomplish so much, 15 minutes at a time?! Great list and it gave me some ideas.

  8. great list. i love the colorful layout!