Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Does the groundhog really know?

Well, it's snowing again, here in the midwest. Does anyone know if the groundhog is really correct about 6 more weeks of winter? Brr.....Well, I guess it's a good day to blog and craft. Here is a little card I made in honor of Ground Hog Day.

This is a free digital image that I got somewhere on blog land. Thanks for stopping by today. Keep warm.



  1. aww what a cute cute that image..

  2. Gorgeous card Joan! What a cutie he is, wouldn't mind finding him in the snow Hugs Sxx PS. Statistics apparently show that he doesn't get it right many times!

  3. Too too cute! I've never seen what a real groundhog looks like, so sorry no advice from me.... maybe the closest thing we may have would be a wombat?

  4. Hee Hee :) Adorable! And wonderfully coloured too!