Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Card Booklet

I just love reading all the blogs that I subscribe to. I don't always get a chance to leave comments, but I do read and make mental notes. There was one in particular that piqued my interest. What to do with all those Christmas cards and Christmas photo's that we can't bear to toss. Someone had suggested making a mini booklet, so I tackled that chore today!.

I measured my largest card and made my chipboard cover slightly larger. Punched a few holes for ring, decorated with leftover papers and stickers, punched holes in my cards and photo's AND I was done!

What a fast project. I also saved one particular pretty envelope from a sender to use as a pocket to store all the address labels that I removed from envelopes. (Why did I do this? Well, it reminds me of the most updated addresses for family and friends) .

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope I have inspired you to make this quick project.

Have a beautiful day.



  1. This is a neat idea, Joan! Thank you for sharing. You must have been very busy cutting out all of the address labels, but look at the lovely result of your work. Well done!

  2. What a beautiful way to keep memories! I use the fronts from Christmas cards I receive as gift tags for future holiday gifts. Sometimes you can use it as is, or trim to make the most of it.

    I think you picked some really pretty papers for your organizer's front!
    Thanks for such nice comments at my blog, Joan. Really makes me feel happy!