Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time to think

2011 is now gone, so I gladly welcome 2012.
 I guess I am writing this as my way of grieving all recent losses.
Oct, Nov. and Dec have been a rough 3 months.
In 3 months, I lost 5 people that have been in my life.  First a classmate (Lois) who was a good friend in my younger years. 
Next, MaryJo, a wonderful woman who was a second mother to me, a grandmother to my children and my mother's best friend. I knew her for 40 yrs. 
Then, Doris, my friends mother and my mothers friend.
Then on Dec 23rd, my Father-in-law died from a heart attack. I couldn't be there at the hospital and there was just a brief prayer service. 
On that same day,  a wonderful woman, Anne, who was also my mother's friend passed away. Anne was 92, but she was well read and as sharp as a tack. Anne loved my cards and I would send her packets of cards to send to other elderly people. She always opened her home up and wanted to share a cup of coffee or tea after our Friday morning Mass.
Two in one day was soooooooo hard. 
But, my poor mother has lost three very dear lady friends. Every Sunday they would get together to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can you imagine these 80-92 yr old women cheering on the Pitts Steelers??? I had made a card, from an image at Hambo Hoedown, of a girl football player and a bear. These women LOVED this card because I made it the Steelers colors and the shirt had the #7 on it, which is Rothlisbergers shirt number. Every Sunday, they displayed the card to cheer on their black and gold.

The GOOD....
On Oct. 1, 2011, my daughter got married in Hawaii. This was so lovely. Now I have a son-in-law.

So, for the past two day, I have been sorting things out in my head and my craft area. Last year , at this same time, I did an organizational challenge to clean up my craft area. I thought I did a good job and had my area workable. As I started making more cards to enter challenges, I realized that I didn't like that I didn't have things within reach. So, I think I finally made my craft area more likeable and things are now within arms length.
My goal is to get my scrapbooks done and make a few cards along the way.  Life is so short and I need to get our family history documented. I found that I am the one who remembers the most about our family life and what we did. I did keep all our yearly calendars and many other bits of information. 
So, my thinking time is done. Now to get working. Have a great 2012



  1. Sending you the biggest of hugs hun. Sxx

  2. Joan, WOW you certainly had a year full of highs and lows....must be hard on your mom losing her friends and how lucky Anne was that you shared your cards with her. I know in all of those relationships you gave as much as you received because that is the kind of person you are. Gods peace to you as you take on 2012, sounds like you have a plan, day by day is best. (((Hugs))) to you.

  3. Joan, it feels good to share one's thoughts and feelings with this online community. I had a rough year last year, and needed to express myself from time to time. I'm glad you've shared your good and bad news with us all.

    May your days, as we begin this new year, be full of good memories, blessings and peace. (hugs)

  4. Hi Joan, I think it is important that we stop in take inventory of our lives. May wonderful things unfold for you this year.:-)